Who are we?

The Mind and Body Co. is a partnership bringing together our shared passion and experience to coach, challenge and champion our clients on their journey to health, wealth and happiness.

We are high school sweet hearts, married with two boys so we understand the juggle of sustaining a healthy relationship, raising children in our crazy world, juggling work, family, community obligations and struggling to find anytime for yourself.

We are about real people, getting real results and creating the lives they want!

Rebecca Matthews

Rebecca specialises in transformation coaching. Rebecca is passionate about helping children find their voice, adults find their purpose and relationships find their grit. Rebecca is associated with ‘The Coaching Institute’ and the ‘International Coach Guild’.

Rebecca is privileged to be trusted by and work with her clients on a wide range of issues and challenges. In 2020 she is looking forward to doing this in a variety of ways including face to face sessions, online sessions, workshops and programs.

Graham Matthews

Graham specialises in health coaching, personal training and nutrition. Graham is passionate about helping people of all ages and lifestyles find new interesting ways to incorporate positive healthy changes into their everyday busy lives.

Graham is associated with the ‘Australian Institute of Fitness’ .
Graham is commited to meeting the needs of his clients and is excited in 2020 to offer this through one on one training, group sessions based out of the local Anytime Fitness Gym.