Who are we?

Personally. we are a pretty down-to-earth couple from country New Zealand, we have two teenage boys who keep us on our toes as well as being foster parents for many years, and we enjoy living an active and adventurous life.

Professionally. we both come from corporate backgrounds where we spent many years working the nine-to-five life focused on achieving the results the businesses we worked for wanted a few years ago we made the big decision to follow our hearts and our dreams to create something for ourselves for our family but also that had a greater impact on our community.

Rebecca Matthews

Rebecca Matthews is the Mindset/Transformation coach and founder of The Mind and Body Co. Rebecca has completely transformed her own life and now specialises in helping her clients to create lives, relationships, and businesses they truly deeply love.

Working predominantly with small business owners and entrepreneurs to regain balance, joy, and purpose in their lives while continuing to grow and thrive in business.

Graham Matthews

Graham specialises in health coaching, personal training, and nutrition. Graham is passionate about helping people of all ages and lifestyles find new and interesting ways to incorporate positive healthy changes into their everyday busy lives.

Graham is committed to meeting the needs of his clients and is excited to offer this through one on one training, and group sessions based out of the local Anytime Fitness Gym.